Air Conditioners


Central air conditioners work with the supply and return air ducts already installed in your home to circulate cooled air.

The latest air conditioners from York™ use up to 50% less energy than units that are more than 15 years old. Even if your unit is 10 years old, replacing your older unit could save you up to 40% in energy costs.

Our central air conditioners are designed to bring you freshness and comfort while respecting the environment. In this regard, our units stand out from the competition because they are equipped with 100% recycled aluminum coils, they use less refrigerant and because many of our models are ENERGY STAR™ qualified, which guarantee substantial savings.

The compact size and small footprint of our central air conditioners make them more discreet and furthermore, their operation is soft on the ears as they are among the quietest units on the market. Ask about our warranties.