Ductless systems

Heat pump: Affordable and effective, wall mounted heat pumps are perfect for home or condo owners without central systems. These heat pumps now reach optimum performance and certain models can even operate in cold weather conditions.


Multi-zone system: Increasingly popular, the multi-zone heat pump system is a ductless heat pump system which consists of a single outdoor condensing unit and multiple indoor units (wall mounted, ceiling cassettes and consoles) installed in various parts of the house to provide comfort tailored to the specific needs of the occupants.

Geothermal system: Geothermal energy is the most environmentally friendly heating & air conditioning mode because it draws free renewable energy from the earth. The air treated by a geothermal heat pump is then propelled into the house through ventilation ducts. A geothermal system can also be used to heat domestic water and for radiant floors.