The lifespan of a high quality furnace can be up to fifteen, maybe even twenty years, depending on the care you give it over the years. If your existing furnace shows serious signs of fatigue and that repairs are becoming more frequent and costly, it is probably time to replace it. Planning a replacement rather than reacting to the sudden death of your furnace may be wiser; this way you can properly evaluate the available options on the market and most importantly, keep the household warm.

Furnaces have known several technological improvements since your last purchase. Current models are quiet, compact and offer a more accurate comfort. Their main benefit is that they are much more energy efficient. Some models offer energy savings up to 40% compared to the furnaces sold twenty years ago.

McNamee Plumbing has been a York™ dealer for more than 30 years. We bring the expertise of being a Certified Comfort Expert™ and the latest technology on the market, backed by the best limited warranties available.